Eventos offers all the tools you need for modern event management.

Event pages

Create a multi-page event website easily, without needing to know how to program. With the easy-to-use editor you can create your site’s visuals and content as you like.

The website is optimized to work on mobile devices, as well. If you like, you can add forms and program information to your event website.


Eventos includes an easy-to-use form editor that allows you to create registration and feedback forms for your event. The editor offers all of the most common question types and organizing them happens in a flash.

You can also add products for purchase to the forms, as well as discount codes, and you can define the available payment methods for each form.

By adding conditions to the fields, you can create dynamic forms that change according to selections made.

With embed codes, you can add the form to external sites, too.


You can send targeted e-mail and SMS messages to event participants and interest groups.

You can make stylish e-mail messages with the easy-to-use HTML editor. The service also supports tailor-made e-mail templates.

Communications also include real-time distribution tracking as well as a detailed reporting view.

Participant management

Eventos offers a wide variety of opportunities for event participant management. You can import participant lists from a file or transfer the information you want from another event.

You can track the event’s registrations and changes in participant information in real-time.

Participants can be organized into their own groups, which makes it especially easy to target communications.


Create digital reports that can be shared with external interest groups, as well. The information in the reports is always up-to-date and contains all relevant information.

Eventos offers ready-made report types for event-specific participant information, forms, program selections, exhibitors and orders.

Reports can be password protected.


Manage the event program with the program tool included in Eventos. You can include location, presenters, themes, sessions and more in the program information.

You can also attach materials to parts of your program, including presentations, posters and abstracts.

Your event’s program information can be added to the event page and mobile application (Eventos Mobile).


You can add products, like admission tickets and participation fees, to forms.

You can add discount codes to all events. Codes include dynamic, product-specific discount rules.

You can monitor your event’s sales with real-time reporting.

Eventos Contact - Event mobile application

Eventos Contact electronic check-in

Eventos offers alternative ways to handle arrival management for participants, without the needless queuing. The visual appearance of name cards and their distribution can be set for each event specifically.

If the name cards are delivered to participants in advance or shared in the event application, the easiest way to check attendees in is to scan the QR code on the name card. Similarly, pre-printed name cards that are waiting for participants at arrival can be scanned as the cards are given to attendees.

You can also check in participants electronically while still printing their name cards. Electronic check-in can work on a self-service basis, in which case the participant checks in independently and receives a printed name card.

The code on the name card (QR/NFC) can be used elsewhere at the event venue for monitoring of participant logistics (scanning at various program points), monitoring of service use (lunches, other refreshments, etc.) and for the collection of contact information in the exhibition area.

Eventos Mobile - Event Application

Eventos Mobile is an event application available for download (Android, iOS) that offers event attendees all of the event’s key information, communications and conversations, all in one easy-to-use application.

All of the information saved on Eventos is automatically linked to the mobile application as well, so you only have to enter information once.

Event organizers can publish news and notifications in the application. The application can be published with open access, PIN code protection or participant-specific passwords.

Eventos Mobile - Event Application - event mobile application

Eventos Partner for trade fair events

Eventos also offers tool for exhibitor management and communications at events with trade fair or exhibition sections.

It is easy to take exhibition area reservations with the electronic form, which allows exhibitors to be offered various section and service options while also collecting the contact information of the person making the reservation. The reservation can be binding or it can be subject to the approval of the event organizer.

Exhibitors can save their company information and logo on the reservation form or a person who has made a reservation can come back and handle these steps later.

You can also open a portal service for exhibitors, in which each exhibitor can manage their company’s general information (e.g. invoicing), as well as event-specific exhibition information and trade fair messages.

The event organizer can also communicate with exhibitors via the portal. In addition, you can add products to be ordered to the portal, e.g. stand structures and equipment, as well as other exhibition area services.

Exhibitor information and location in the exhibition area can be shown in the Eventos Mobile event application.

Self-service portal for exhibitors

Eventos offers exhibitors an opportunity to make use of the self-service portal. Via the portal, companies can update their information themselves (company description, contact information, conference message, logo, etc.). The information is available on the Eventos Mobile event application, for example. Companies can place orders for exhibition-related products via the portal.

The event organizer is able to send event-related messages either collectively or to individual exhibitors. The portal also features real-time reporting data about leads collected with the Eventos Contact application at the company’s stand.

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  • Lead reporting
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